Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a general term used to refer to an intricately networked system where several disparate sensors and actuators are connected, monitored and operated upon through internet. With advancement of communication technologies, electronics devices and the cloud technologies, IoT is something that businesses adopt to optimize and increase efficiencies in their business operations.

We help customers with our deep expertise in software development, communication and other allied areas to to build their IoT based technology solutions to alleviate their business processes and operations.


Our Capabilities

We design highly scalable and reliable IoT solutions that ingest vast volume of realtime as well as batch mode sensor data, centrally process the data to derive meaningful insights.

Our IoT Service includes:
  • Building software systems that monitor and control sensors, actuators and other equipment
  • Design and Develop software platform to integrate with third part sensors/actuators and other equipment
  • Provide data analytics and Business Intelligence based on data generated by sensor networks
Some of the commonly used software, tools and equipment are:
  • Java, Spring framework
  • HTML5, CSS3, Angular, React and more
  • MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop and their eco-system components
  • MQTT, Raspbian+Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • AWS IoT stack

To know more about the best possible options for building software for your business, please drop us a note.