Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Digital data proliferation has been unprecedented in the past decade. With nature of businesses constantly changing in an interconnected global economy, it's imperative to employ range of assets to create and maintain lead in the markets. Various data, structured, unstructured and semi-structured data play a vital role in providing invaluable and real-time insights into various aspects of the businesses for timely business decisions and actions.

We understand the criticality of data to our clients and help them with Big Data Analytics services to unlock value for their businesses.


Our Capabilities

We help our customers to design, organize and unlock value out of their large pool of data in an organized, scalable, secure, compliant manner.

Big Data Analytics Service includes:
  • Designing scalable systems that accommodate massive data
  • Provide business specific algorithm based data analysis in real time
  • Business Intelligence - Real-time dashboards

With the advent of affordable and scalable cloud infrastructure offerings from various cloud providers, we bank on a mix of both open-source as well as commercially off the shelf(COTS) software to build Big Data Analytics solutions for our customers.

Some of the commonly used key software pieces include:
  • NoSQL databases like Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB, HBase etc
  • BI tools like Tableau
  • Business Intelligence - Real-time dashboards

To know more about the best possible options for building software for your business, please drop us a note.