Architecture Consulting

Arcitecture Consulting

In a fiercely competitive world, speed of execution is as important as the novelty of the business idea being pursued. Often times, this very aspect of execution could pose a challenge in building well architected systems for our customers, besides having the right skills in-house.

This is exactly what we address by way of our Architecture Consulting service. By carrying out an elaborate workshop with client teams in understanding their business, functional and non-functional requirements our experienced team draws up a "blueprint".


Who We are

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Architecture Consulting Service offering includes:
  • Formulating software Architecture
  • Coaching Engineering Teams
  • Review existing architecture
Some of the key architectural considerations of the service are:
  • Best practices based
  • Emphasis on reusability and modularity
  • Emphasis on maintainability and learning curve
  • Secure and Scalable
  • Cloud readiness
  • Microservices
  • Designing for Big Data

To know more about the best possible options for building software for your business, please drop us a note.